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IPS (Gurkha) Limited, trading as GURKHA PAY, is registered in England and Wales (CRN 07836487). It is registered with HMRC, MLR (MLR Reg. No. 12880652), regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 568571) and Information Commissioner’s Office ICO: ZA059453.

Run by a team of ex-Gurkha and professionals, who have more than 20 years of experience in Finance, Money and Remittance, GURKHA PAY provides services to facilitate money remittance,, transfer money worldwide as per their requirement and needs including Bill Payments, Voice Calls, Mobile Airtime Top-up and Online Recharge with many more services on offer. Our friendly team will give them the best possible rate for their quotes and advise them with appropriate solution for their remittance need.

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